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For the fifth time already, MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM, the established team enduro fun race for experienced mountain bikers, will take place in Davos Klosters, Switzerland, from 2nd to 4th September 2021. The completely new open category FUN TEAM, which has never been seen before in the Enduro mountain bike sport, became a complete success in 2020, so that in addition to the proven teams of two, larger teams of 3 to 6 people will again be able to start at the next edition. From 4th December 2020, 4 pm, you can register for this unforgettable mountain bike adventure 2021.  

Unlimited fun, great camaraderie and the best trails with an impressive mountain panorama around the Grisons destination Davos Klosters – that’s what MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM stands for. It is one of the few Enduro races for teams in Europe and is accordingly popular in the international mountain bike scene. The previous events have therefore always been sold out quickly, for teams of two as well as for fun teams of 3 to 6 people.

Limited starting places
Next to the special FUN TEAM category, the tried and tested categories for teams of two, MEN, WOMEN, MIXED and 77+, will of course remain unchanged. Starting places at the event are limited, especially due to the capacity of the mountain railways of Davos Klosters. All in all, the race is open to 450 participants. The exact number of teams depends on the size of the registered FUN TEAMS. “We have an extremely loyal field of participants – with each race there are more and more returnees”, says Britta Wild happily. “That's why we give them a small advantage and open registration for them a tiny little bit earlier – because we expect huge interest again in 2021.” So, the race will probably be sold out quickly. If you want to participate, register as soon as possible from 4th December 2020 at 4 pm, at:

Unique: Open category FUN TEAM for teams of 3 to 6 people
The FUN TEAM category in particular is absolutely unique and has no equal in Enduro sport. It was newly introduced last time true to the event motto “even more fun for bikers by bikers” and was a complete success: One third of the field registered in this totally fun category and was completely enthusiastic. With full focus on camaraderie, in this open category teams of 3 to 6 people ride together. The stage time counts from the first rider who crosses the starting line to the last one in the finish. There is free choice of gender composition and team size. “With the conceptually completely new FUN TEAMS we wanted to meet a need of our participants – and we fully hit the bull's eye”, explains organiser Britta Wild. “We always had several teams of two who wanted to start together in a larger group, as they didn't care about the timing, but just wanted to have fun on the trails with their bike mates. This is exactly the focus of our event, which is why we are keeping the FUN TEAM category unchanged for 2021.”

New trails for returnees and short way to the long night
But there are again new features for 2021 – as the routes at MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM are not just given, but every year new trails are added to the programme. “We want to change a significant part of the race tracks at every event”, explains race director Michi Wild from the local Bike Academy Davos. “This way, also our numerous returnees always get their money's worth when it comes to trail fun. The Davos Klosters region offers a huge number of attractive mountain bike trails – so we are far from running out of ideas!” And the legendary closing party, which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to Covid-19 in 2020, will hopefully take place again next time: “The ENDURO TEAM Night is planned in the new Chalet After7 directly next to the event site, where the check-in was placed last time – true to the motto, short way to the long night,” Britta Wild says with a smile. “In addition, we will also offer a small catering service there during the event, so that the riders can enjoy coffee or small delicacies directly on the event site.”

The best trails in best company
At MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM, the teams cover a total of 120 kilometres in three days, ride almost 1500 metres uphill and some 12,000 metres downhill. As in a common Enduro race, MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM also runs several stages per day, i.e. measured sections. These mainly lead downhill and last a few minutes each. Between these descents, the participants cover various transfer stages without time measurement, often supported by mountain railways. Transferring gives time to enjoy the impressive alpine scenery of the Grisons mountains or to chat with other race participants from all over Europe and overseas and to cultivate the international bike community. “Our goal is to show experienced mountain bikers from all over the world the most beautiful trails of the destination Davos Klosters in best company”, Britta Wild sums up. The trails are varied and attractive – but sometimes also technically demanding, as they are exclusively alpine, natural trails and no men-built flow trails. A certain level of riding on the mountain bike therefore is a must for a lot of fun at MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM.

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