Focus on special teams: 3 questions for Nick Beer and Daniel Eymann

In our series "3 questions for..." we want to introduce you some special teams of the Mondraker Enduro2 2019. We are starting with the two ex-bike-pros Nick Beer and Daniel Eymann, who make up the team - BiXS - DT Swiss. Read why they don't want to miss out on this event and why their goals are quite modest despite their role as favourites.

Mondraker Enduro2: You’re back competing at the Mondraker Enduro2 in Davos. Why can't you miss this event?
Nick Beer / Daniel Eymann: The event offers a great balance of fun and competing. Paired with top trails and the picturesque scenery in and around Davos, it is simply the perfect mix. The team racing format is an additional fun factor.

Mondraker Enduro2: Last year you raced on to the 2nd place, this year you are among the favourites again. What is your goal?
Nick Beer / Daniel Eymann: Primarily we want to have fun and put the pedal to the metal. We'll see what comes out of it... Besides that, three days without crashes and broken material would also be good!

Mondraker Enduro2: You were pro bikers until about two years ago – now you are professionally engaged in a different way. How often do you get out on your bike?
Daniel Eymann: Certainly not as many hours as before, but I still sit in the saddle regularly. However, the cross-country bike now gets a little less affection than the enduro bike with more suspension travel! Nick Beer: I finished my downhill racing career in 2016. Since then a lot has changed in my life. With my job, family and a little daughter since last winter, my time in the saddle has of course diminished considerably. That's why I'm so looking forward to many downhills at the Mondraker Enduro2 in Davos!

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