E-Bikes newly integrated into FUN TEAMs

After a test run of a small e-bike category with teams of two last time due to repeated demand, electric bikes will be newly integrated into the FUN TEAMs at MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM 2023. However, at least one team member must always ride a conventional bike without a motor. 

"The desire to ride our event with e-bikes is definitely there. However, a separate category is not justified according to our experience of the last year. The interest was too low and the effort too high", summarises race director Michi Wild from the Bike Academy Davos. "Nevertheless, we want e-bikers to be able to take part in MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM. That's why we are integrating them into the FUN TEAM category from 2023. So, from now you can start with an e-bike in a FUN TEAM – but at least one team member must always ride a conventional bike without a motor", Michi Wild explains. "This way, bikers with less endurance will benefit from the motor, especially in the transfers – but the teams will hardly have an advantage in the timed stages. The focus still lies on having fun – we want to remain true to ourselves!"

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8th edition
5. – 7. September 2024

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