Enduro Pro Gusti Wildhaber with Tim Bratschi as Favourite Team

Enduro pro Gusti Wildhaber in action

We are very happy to have the successful Swiss Enduro pro from the CUBE Action Team and competitor of the Enduro World Series, Gusti Wildhaberat the starting line of MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM this year again. The winner of the 2017 event premiere will ride in a team with BOLD elite rider Tim Bratschiwinner of 2018 and 2019, which makes them the clear favourites in the MEN’s category. We have spoken with Gusti Wildhaber.

Gusti, we are happy that you are now participating in MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM 2020 after all. What led to your participation?
Gusti: Actually my schedule would be fully booked. But since most of my planned races were cancelled due to Corona, there is now more time for national events like MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM.

You ride together with last year’s winner Tim Bratschi. How did this team combination come up?
Gusti: Tim and I have been training together a lot for about two years. That's why I'm even more happy to ride with him at MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM.

You won the premiere of our event in 2017, Tim was in the winning team in 2018 and 2019. So, anything but winning is out of the question for you anyway?
Gusti: It's true, I rode the first edition of the event with my team mate from back then, Nicolas Lau. I have fond memories of that time, we both became fathers that year. ☺️
I am therefore looking forward to returning to this race. But of course, I admit: I'm at the starting line to win – anything else would be a lie…

MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM is a fun race whith no points to win. Doesn't that bother you as a professional?
Gusti: No, I like it a lot when there is an event close by, where you can measure yourself. But concerning the term "fun race" I only say: Where time is measured, there are ALWAYS good people at the starting line. And they give everything! Especially in Switzerland, the level on two wheels is always high. 😉

What else do you want to tell us?
Gusti: I'm really looking forward to MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM – the trails and cablecar connections in Davos are my absolute favourite! Let's hope for good weather and a race free of accidents!

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