MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM introduces completely new category FUN TEAM

As already announced in advance, we will also further develop our fun event with the name change to MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM. According to our motto "even more fun for bikers by bikers" we will introduce a completely new category in 2020, which has never been seen before in Enduro mountain biking: the FUN TEAM. With full focus on camaraderie, in this open category teams of 3 to 6 people ride together.

The stage time simply counts from the first rider who crosses the starting line to the last one in the finish. You have free choice of gender composition and team size within this category – there simply need to be between 3 and 6 riders. "With this conceptually completely new fun category, we want to fulfil a desire of our participants", Britta Wild explains the creative innovation. "We always had several teams of two who wanted to start together in a larger group, as they didn't care about the timing, but just wanted to explore the best trails around Davos together with their bike mates. With the category FUN TEAM, we are fulfilling this need from 2020!" So, anyone who wants to have a completely new bike adventure with their friends should register for the category FUN TEAM as soon as possible when registration opens on October 25th. The starting places are limited - the exact number depends on the size of the registered teams.

The previous categories for teams of 2, MEN, WOMEN, MIXED and 77+, will of course remain unchanged.

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