New in 2022: E-bike category as a test run

We have big news! Due to repeated demand, MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM 2022 will have a test run with a small e-bike category – the E-Teams.

"E-bikes are more in demand than ever and it has become hard to imagine the Enduro sector without them," analyses race director Michi Wild from the Bike Academy Davos. "We don't want to ignore this fact. After being asked several times whether it is also possible to ride MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM with an e-bike, we want to meet this need in a test run in 2022." Therefore, a small, new category of teams of two will be created in which both members will ride e-bikes. "We want to find out how well e-bikes can be integrated into the existing enduro competition, both, logistically and in terms of performance," explains Michi Wild. "In addition, we want to be able to estimate how big the interest in an e-bike category actually is." With this new feature, MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM remains true to its fun-oriented and innovative line.

E-Teams on same route as other categories
For the test run, the number of so-called "E-teams" will be limited to 20 – if there are more registrations, there will be a waiting list. The composition of the two-person teams in the e-category is open, there is only one e-bike classification for men, women and mixed. Both team members ride an e-bike that is suitable for alpine single trails. The e-teams cover exact the same route as all other categories and are allowed to use the same mountain railways. However, they are free to pedal up instead of using transport, if, for example, there are a lot of people queuing. However, participants must do with one battery charge per day, there is no charging facility for in-between. For the e-bike category, you can register via the normal registration platform as soon as it is open. This will be the case in the second half of December, the exact date will be communicated soon.

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