Early Christmas: Register for Event 2024 from 22 December 2023!

For the eighth time already, MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM, the established team enduro fun race for experienced mountain bikers, will take place in Davos Klosters, Switzerland, from 5th to 7th September 2024. In the extremely popular FUN TEAMs category for 3 to 6 people, e-bikes will remain integrated in 2024. In addition, there are of course the classic teams of two. As kind of early Christmas, the registration portal will open on Friday, 22nd December 2023, at 2 PM, via our website or directly at SI Timing.
The Kids Race will take place already for the third time, on Sunday, 8 September 2024.

Unlimited fun, great camaraderie and the best trails with an impressive alpine panorama around the Grisons destination Davos Klosters – that’s what MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM stands for. It is one of the few Enduro races for teams in Europe and is accordingly popular in the international mountain bike scene. The previous events have always been sold out quickly, for teams of two and especially for fun teams of 3 to 6 people – it took not even 30 minutes last year, even if 20 extra teams were accepted…

Early Christmas: Register from 22 December 2023
In addition to the very popular FUN TEAM category, again including e-bikes, you can of course also start in the tried and tested categories for teams of two, MEN, WOMEN, MIXED and 77+. Starting places at the event are limited, especially due to the capacity of the mountain railways of Davos Klosters. All in all, the race is open to 450 participants. The exact number of teams depends on the size of the FUN TEAMS. As kind of early Christmas, the registration platform for MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM 2024 will open on 22nd December 2023 at 2 PM. If you want to be there, register as soon as possible!

Last time, several categories were sold out within less than 30 minutes. “We expect huge interest again for 2024”, says organiser Britta Wild from the Bike Academy Davos. “We have an extremely loyal field of participants. With every edition, there are more returnees. That's why we're giving them a small head start on registration this time too – but only a few hours.”

E-Bikes remain integrated in FUN TEAMs
After several test runs, e-bikes were integrated into the FUN TEAMs for the first time last year. This solution has proven itself in practice and will therefore stay the same for 2024. “There weren't many riders on e-bikes – but for the few that were, it was a great and important opportunity,” explains race director Michi Wild from the Bike Academy Davos. So, this time again, you can start in a fun team with an e-bike – as long as at least one team member always rides a conventional bike without a motor. “This way, bikers with less endurance will benefit from the motor especially in the transfers – but the teams will hardly have an advantage in the timed stages. Our focus still lies on having fun – we want to remain true to ourselves”, adds Michi Wild.

New routes for repeaters
Also at the eighth edition, returning bikers should once again get to know new trails and combinations in the Davos Klosters region. Because the routes at MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM are not just given: “We’re changing a significant part of the race tracks every year, so that our numerous returnees always get their money's worth when it comes to trail fun”, race director Michi Wild explains his credo. “Our region offers a huge number of attractive mountain bike trails. So, we are far from running out of ideas and new compositions”, he promises.

The best trails in best company
At MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM, the teams cover a total of some 120 kilometres in three days, ride some 1500 metres uphill and some 10,000 metres downhill. As in a common Enduro race, MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM also runs several stages per day, i.e. measured sections. These mainly lead downhill and last a few minutes each. In between, the participants cover various transfers without time measurement, often supported by mountain railways. Transferring gives time to enjoy the impressive alpine scenery or to chat with other race participants and to cultivate the international bike community. “Our goal is to show experienced mountain bikers from all over the world the most beautiful trails of the destination Davos Klosters in best company”, Britta Wild sums up. The trails are varied and attractive – but sometimes also technically demanding. A certain level of riding therefore is a must for a lot of fun at MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM.

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8th edition
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