Focus on special teams: 3 questions for Karin Christen and Dominic Scheiber

For their 40th birthday, Karin Christen and Dominic Scheiber are riding their first Enduro race, together as Team DOKA. Read in our series „3 questions for…“ whether they aren’t feeling a little too old for that, how they want to handle the challenge as a couple and how they got their race entry for the long sold out Mondraker Enduro2 2019.

Mondraker Enduro2: You both turn 40 in September and for that special birthday decided to take part in Mondraker Enduro2. Aren’t you too old for Enduro racing at 40?
Karin and Domi: True to the motto „we’re only just getting started at 40“, we have 80 years of life and trail experience to bring to the starting line. We certainly hope to draw on that. However, Mondraker Enduro2 is the first Enduro race ever for both of us, so we’ll just go with the flow and see what happens!

Mondraker Enduro2: Participating in a competition as a couple is often a very special challenge. How will you handle this and how well do you work together as a team in sports?
Karin and Domi: Since we are usually on the trails together anyways, we already know each other quite a bit… We look out for each other and it’s always safety first! Above all, we just want to have fun.

Mondraker Enduro2: The race has been sold out for months… How did you manage to get your entry?
Karin and Domi: We saw that CHRIS Sports was raffling off an entry for the Mondraker Enduro2 on Facebook and spontaneously decided to take part! Since the race has been sold out for quite some time, this was the last chance to get an entry. And as you see, it worked out 🙂

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