Dream coming true: Team Lucky2 wins entry after loads of Covid-extra-hours and bad luck

MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM 2021 in Davos Klosters was completely sold out within just four days. To thank our loyal community, we raffled off a starting place each for a FUN TEAM and for a team of two in February.Out of numerous entries and loads of good stories, we have chosen the deserving winners. The entry for a team of two goes to the Dutchmen Martijn and Kieran, who, as an X-ray specialist in a hospital, worked far too hard during the last year due to Covid-19. Very unlucky with holidays being approved too late on top, we decided to let a dream come true and make someone happy, who has made huge socials efforts lately. Read the whole story here.

Martijn and Kieran live in the Netherlands. They have been riding bikes together for more than five years. Every Sunday is trail day and the friends ride bikes as much as they can. But riding good downhill trails is not so easy in the flat Netherlands… So for the last two years, Martijn and Kieran have been dreaming. They have been dreaming of MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM and the endless alpine trails of Davos Klosters since they had seen their first video of the event in 2019. But then in 2020, Covid-19 came… And the dreams of going to Davos slipped far away.

X-ray specialist bound to work due to Covid-19
Travelling was restricted, most events were cancelled – and Kierans free time was basically gone anyway. With his job as an X-ray specialist in a hospital, the pandemic bound him to work as much as tolerable somehow – and sometimes even more. Taking X-rays and CT scans of lungs of hardly affected Covid-19 patients all day long, helping out on the Intensive Care and in the lung department and checking all the heavily infected patients, connected to the breathing machines – that was a lot of hard stuff for a really long time.

Holiday approved, but too late
Knowing, that he’d been working loads of extra hours and days and that this still could go on for a long time, Kieran realized, he definitely needed some time off this year. And he needed something to look forward to. So, when registration opened, the dream of riding at MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM 2021 in Davos Klosters popped up again and Kieran asked his boss for a holiday during the event. With all the overtime worked, the vacation was finally approved – but too late… When Martijn and Kieran wanted to sign up for MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM 2021, all the starting places were already gone. And with it, all the dreams of the endless alpine trails… Looking for another fun mountain bike event in the alps was no option either – because the hospitals holiday schedule was made by now and the current and still ongoing situation just doesn’t allow to shift days off, once they are planned…

Entry draw makes dream come true
So, register for the waiting list and hope for the best was all, Martijn and Kieran could do. Until February came – and Martijn saw the entry draw we made to thank our community. On the same day we launched the campaign, Martijn sat down and wrote us their whole story. What a great surprise would it be for Kieran, if that dream of riding MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM still came true in 2021. Our jury decided – yes, it should! They saw Kieran and Martijn as a more than deserved winner team in the category for a team of two. We are very happy to make dreams come true and invite the two Dutchmen to our event in Davos, riding as team “Lucky2”!

An awesome goal on their mind
“We still can’t believe we won the entry”, Martijn tells us. “I was excited, when I sent the email and kept fingers crossed – but it’s just so fantastic it worked out! And surprising Kieran with the great news was one of the best things I’ve experienced for a long time!!!” So, things are getting serious now and the Lucky2 are back to their Sunday trail day routine, with an awesome goal on their mind and finally something to look forward to: Getting in the best shape possible to finally ride all the endless alpine trails at MONDRAKER ENDURO TEAM 2021 in Davos Klosters.

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